Welcome to Clare Limerick Alpaca Ranch!

Baby Alpaca with Mom

Welcome to Clare Limerick Alpaca Ranch! The name of our ranch comes from the marriage of Jan's family originating in County Clare, Ireland and Richard's family tracing their roots to County Limerick.

We became interested in Alpacas as a possibility for a retirement income/lifestyle. After researching several other venues we choose alpacas because of their charm, calm nature and ease of care. (We are used to caring for horses and still do!)

As you wind down the drive to Clare Limerick Alpaca Ranch you will see Suris and Huacayas playing together on 22 1/2 acres surrounded by colorful flower gardens. Having experience in the care of other forms of livestock has given us a head start over most new breeders. Our goal is to raise high quality alpacas that excel in the show ring as well as in fleece production. Our emphasis is on choosing the best sire for improved conformation and fleece characteristics including fineness, luster and density. We strive to produce show quality crias.

We have a sign over the door of our barn that captures the essence of Clare Limerick Alpaca Ranch. It reads: "Wish it , Dream it, Do it!"

We are doing it and you can too! We pride our farm in the customer care we provide to our clients and friends. We offer free educational classes and are available 24/7 for emergencies of clients and friends.We want you to be successful in your alpaca adventure. Please call or stop by for a visit. The coffee will be hot and the Guinness is always cold!